Reasons Why Singapore Is the Best Country in the World to Live As an Expat

Singapore has recently ranked very well as one of the best places to live in the world. In fact, no other Asian country can be compared to this country. While helping people settle in Singapore either for business or work, One Visa experts do not shy from telling people that this is the best country to live as an expat. According to 2017 expatriate quality of living rankings, many factors lead to this condition and this publication wishes to highlight them.

Well organized and easy to access transportation

As an expat, it may take some time before you own a car to help you I moving around Singapore. However, one clear thing with Singapore transportation system is that it is easily accessible. The government has made initiatives in encouraging people to live away from the central district. The main mode of transport in Singapore is road and rail. Whether you are visiting Islands like Santosa or any other part, you can be sure to reach them via well-maintained road networks. Some Islands are however connected via state of the art boats.

Singapore is safe

In almost any corner of the world, new faces are targeted since they do not understand a lot about the new location. However, Singapore is a total opposite. It is possible to forget your belongings at a bus terminus and find them untouched later. Literally, you can walk anywhere in Singapore at any time of the day or night without fear of kidnap or mugging. As much as this may mean nothing to the citizens, expats who have had a bad experience in other countries will appreciate this.

Favourable laws

Laws can favor foreigners or completely push them out. While the laws regarding the settlement of foreigners in Singapore is clear and strict, it is easy and straightforward to follow. Most expats have had no challenges fulfilling the legal requirements as needed. The country, in general, promotes investment from foreigners either through subsidiary companies or a branch. Additionally, it appreciates getting labor from other countries which add value to their country. Therefore, they have made visa acquisition, business and work permit processes very friendly for foreigners.

Friendly people

Singapore has very friendly people who are willing to help and interact with expats. Therefore, making business deals is easy even with people you have just met as long as the deal sounds great. However, the Singaporeans do not tolerate fraud and bribery from anyone including the locals. So, people who bring clean deals on the table find it easy to settle in Singapore as expats. Further, the people are willing to meet with you in simple locations like a coffee shop, public park or office to discuss business or work.

No language barrier

Singapore as a country has one of the best education systems in Asia. As much as the locals still use Mandarin, English is the official language and used by over 80 percent of the people in the country. Therefore, expats from any part of the country can settle in Singapore without a language barrier as long as they can speak English.

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