Spice Up Your St. Barths Vacation with These Vacation Tips

So, you have your trip planned, but you’re worried that something will go wrong or the time away won’t be quite as perfect as you hope. Certainly, these are rational fears and ones shared by vacationers all too often, but a little pre-planning can help ensure your trip to St. Bats is as fun and memorable as the expectations you have for the getaway.

From Accommodations to Adventures, St. Barths Is a Paradise

When it comes to your vacation in St Barths, the first thing to consider is your accommodations. While you certainly won’t be spending all of your time there, you do want your down time to be comfortable and free of hassles. There are any number of top rated hotels to choose from, but why go the traditional route?

This is your chance to shake things up and indulge in new experiences. While spending time in St. Barths, consider renting a villa and experiencing the best in conveniences and luxurious living. The view from each villa is unique and close to the white sands of the hottest beaches in the area.

Whatever option you choose, you won’t be laying around long, not with so much to do. All year round, St. Barths offers more than sand and surf, even though the beaches do remain the main attraction throughout the tropical days. Once you’ve had your fill of swimming and sunbathing, you might want to look into local events.

Since 1996, the area has played host to the St. Barths Film Festival, which usually debuts sometime in April. There’s also a popular music festival in January, which plays host to ballet and jazz, as well as more contemporary interests. Carnival celebrations also make January a busy month with parades and parties marking the special time with ongoing festivities.

What Else Can You Do In St. Barths?

Much of the activities revolve around the crystal blue waters that make St. Barths the tropical paradise it is. Scuba gear rentals provide an opportunity to see the underwater marine life indigenous to the area, but, even if deep sea swimming isn’t your thing, there are other ways to go deep into the waters. Local businesses also offer submarine trips that will take tourists up to six feet beneath the surface. It’s a safer way to see the underwater ecosystem and more attune to what families may be looking for, during their visit.

There are also sailboat and motor yacht rentals for cruising around the island. Operated by both businesses and private owners, vacationers are likely to find the perfect vessel to suit their needs.

Getting away from the sea, the various villages offer everything from day spas for a little pampering to shopping centers for some retail therapy. Gustavia is one such popular stop, offering everything from boutiques and gourmet restaurants to souvenir shops and a scenic fishing harbor.

St. Barths continues to thrive and grow as a community as well as a prime vacation stop, so visitors to the area are only limited by their own imaginations.


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