Top Things to Bring Back from Haridwar

Haridwar is the abode of the Supreme Being and an important site of pilgrimage, especially for the Hindus. Every year, millions of Hindu pilgrims from India and the world as well visit Haridwar and offer their prayers to the Holy Ganga. The peeling of the bells, the lighting of the lamps and the chanting of mantras makes Haridwar a heavenly place to spend a few days in retrospection.

If you book one of the hotels in Haridwar, it is expected that you will want to explore the holy city. While you roam around the holy city of Haridwar, you will come across any shops that will lure you t pick up some commodities pertaining to this region. However, before you empty your wallet there, you should know the best things that Haridwar has in store for the visitors. Thus, it is time for you to get glued to the screen and read about the treasures that you will find in Haridwar at affordable prices.

  • Glistening Idols and Statues: As Haridwar is a pilgrimage site of the Hindus, it houses a number of shops that sell idols and statues. In these stops, you will come across plenty of brass and bronze statues of Gods and Goddesses. These shining statues and idols are available in different sizes. You can bring them home or pick them up as a token of love to be given to your near and dear ones. They definitely serve as one of the best gifts that you can think of.
  • Metal Utensils and Puja Equipment: Most of the people love to adorn their temples at home with ornately carved puja equipment and metal utensils. For these people, Haridwar has the perfect collection. At this place, you will find intricately designed puja equipment with the holy emblems embedded on the surface. Some of the utensils and even embossed with the incarnations of the gods and goddesses according to the Hindu custom. The quality of the product decides the price of the goods. However, if you compare both the quality and the price and tally with that of the other cities, buying them in Haridwar is far more affordable.
  • Beautiful Bangles: If you are fond of bangles of if you are visiting India from abroad, you would love to take back one of the most authentic symbolism in the Indian culture. Glass bangles are found in abundance in Haridwar. These bangles are available in every shade that you can think of. The vibrant colours teamed with the accurate designs make every woman crave for the fine pieces of jewellery. Apart from glass bangles, you will also get a variety of mental bangles in Haridwar. The metal bangles are quite popular asthey are not fragile like the glass variants. As long as you are not allergic to metals, you can let yourself empty your wallet to experience this authentic luxury.
  • Cane Products:At Haridwar, you will be happy to find many cane products at almost all the shops that sell handicrafts. These cane products are mainly baskets woven out of thin strips of cane. However, the design is such that it is as strong as any metal basket would be. These cane baskets are very popular all over India and can be given to your near and dear ones as a gift from Haridwar. Apart from cane baskets, you will get cane furniture and cane show pieces to take back with you as a memoir.
  • Vermillion: The Hindu women who get married are expected to wear vermillion that is referred to as sindoor and kumkum in the local dialect. At Haridwar, you will be surprised when you come across a mound of vermillion at many shops. You can surely buy a small box of it.

Thus, Haridwar has countless things that would remind you of your stay there. Have a wonderful shopping spree there!

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